Town of Stow, MA

Cyclical Data Collection

Data Collection is a very important task in the appraisal process as it helps to maintain fair and equitable assessments for all properties. KRT Appraisal has been hired by the town to perform a cyclical review of properties. They will check for accurate measurements and will verify all pertinent data for each structure.

The KRT Appraisal staff has completed an intensive in house training program, which included a criminal background check, and will adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Staff will be wearing identification badges, will have signs on their vehicles and will have letters of introduction from the Town. Their car information is on file with the Police Department and the Assessing Department.

  • A typical property review takes approximately 10-15 minutes. If no one is home, exterior measurements of all structures will be taken and a callback card will be left requesting that the homeowner set up an appointment for an interior review. Homeowners are not required to let the data collectors onto their property or into their homes, but allowing the data collectors to do so helps to ensure accurate assessing data.

  • Interior inspections will only be done if an adult 18 years of age or older is present.

  • The homeowner is encouraged to provide information that may not be apparent to the appraiser at the time of inspection such as, wet basements, cracked foundations, leaking roofs, unusable fireplaces, etc.
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Doug Rollins

Data Collector