Littleton, NH

Contract Assessing

KRT Appraisal is the Town’s contracted Assessors and is usually in the Town Hall on Thursdays. Please feel free to call and speak to them or ask them any questions you may have regarding your assessment. Some of the duties of the Town’s contracted Assessors are to follow up on building permits, quarterly property inspections and data checks on properties. If you have any questions regarding their credentials, please contact the Town Hall at (603) 444-3996 and we will verify who they are and if they are in your neighborhood on that day.

The Assessing Office is responsible for calculating the Assessed Value of each property in Littleton and ensuring that each is assessed equitably in relation to market value. The last update of values was preformed in 2020 by KRT Appraisal.

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Richard Dorsett, Jr.

Chief Assessor